Blanc et Bavardage 2020(ウルス エトワール エ ウルマ ブラン 2020)

40,000 JPY日元 税別tax not included不包括税 

加算ポイントPoints you receive for this order本次购物获得的积分400pt

商品コード: 2020-004_19-108

Juliette et Justine × イラストレーターNaffy コラボレーションドレス







Juliette et Justineオフィシャルサイトでご注文の方は、ドレスをオリジナルBOXに入れてお届けします。



Juliette et Justine × illustrator Naffy collaboration dress

The printed dress of the fantastical world of a polar bear and a girl.

Under the star-spangled sky in the snow, the polar bear is running around merrily and interacting with a girl. A fox is watching over the two.

The fantasy world coming straight out of a page of a picture book is depicted in this dress.

※Detachable waist ribbon
※Size order is not possible
※Pink is an event limited color, so we do not accept orders.

■Changes from the 2018 edition

・Changed to the lighter shade of navy due to the discontinuation of the body fabric.
・Changed the colors of the liner and zipper in coordination with the new body fabric color.
・Changed to the softer texture belt.

If you order on the Juliette et Justine official site, you will receive the dress in the original box.

■ Order period: January 27, 2020-12:00 noon (Japan time) on February 10, 2020.
■ Delivery date: Late May to early June 2020

*Please note that because the photos of products were taken of product samples, the actual products may differ a little in color and specifications. Please also note that this may happen, depending on the settings of the monitor, too.

Juliette et Justine × 插画家Naffy 协作连衣裙










Size 0 1 2
総丈(肩~裾) /cmBody length(Shoulder -Hem) /cm总长(肩膀~下摆)/cm 109.5 110 110.5
バスト /cmBust /cm胸围 /cm 83 88 93
(肩~切替部分) /cm
Waist position
(Shoulder - Waist) /cm
腰部位置(肩膀~变换部位) /cm
29.5 30 30.5
ウエスト /cmWaist /cm腰围 /cm 74 79 84
スカート丈 /cmskirt length/cm裙长 /cm 80
裾周り /cmSkirt circumference /cm下摆周长 /cm 216
素材Materials面料 表地:シフォン 表地/裏地:ポリエステル100%Outer fabric:Chiffon Outer / Lining:100% polyester外层面料:雪纺 外/衬里:100%涤纶衬里
仕様Specification样式 後ろファスナー開きBack zipper opening后面有拉链
お取り扱いについてAbout handling关于处理


・Home laundry unavailable・Do not bleach・Do not use drying machine
・Specification of damp cloth/Ironing at low temperature・Dry/Weak・Cleaning and washing with water is prohibited
If it was soaked in water, blade tape part could shrink.
Any caring method other than those described on the quality labeling tag shall be performed on user's own responsibility.

浸水状态会导致金色穗穗部分会缩水br />若采用水洗标志以外的方式进行洗涤后出现不良后果需由客人自行负担

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